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3 Reasons to Read to Your Child Before Bed November 27, 2018

St. Peters, St. Charles
3 Reasons to Read to Your Child Before Bed, St. Peters, Missouri

Studies show that reading aloud with children helps boost their vocabulary by introducing them to new words. This child development perk means that parents should be reading to their children every night before bed. Not only will your child build a better vernacular, but you’ll also love the bonding that reading provides. Here are a few reasons why you should grab a good book and cuddle with your little one as part of your bedtime routine. 

Why Bedtime Reading Boosts Child Development

1. It's a Bonding Experience

Consider bedtime as quality time you can spend with your children as you child developmentboth wind down from the day. Reading can become a routine that your child will look forward to each night and think back on when they get older. 

Take turns picking the book that you’ll read, and encourage your child to sound out words and try to read along with you. You can even add some whimsy to the routine by creating voices for different characters, or talking about alternate endings to a familiar story.

2. It Increases Their Interest in Reading

Reading before bed will instill a love of reading in your child at an early age. Studies show that this will give them a head start in school and help them excel in their future studies. Reading will boost child development by teaching language skills, enhancing concentration, and encourages them to ask questions about the world around them. 

3. It Soothes Them Before Bed 

Getting a sufficient amount of rest is important for a child’s health and development. Reading at the end of the day helps children wind down and fall asleep easier. Getting a good night’s sleep has several different benefits, from promoting growth and a healthy weight to boosting the immune system and increasing attention span. 


The child development experts at Great Beginnings are familiar with instilling a love of reading in children. With locations in Saint Charles and Cottleville, they are proud to offer a full range of licensed child care programs. Whether you need an early childhood center for your young one or after school care for your older child, you will find the best child care with their team. Learn more about their programs online or by calling (636) 724-5048 (St. Charles) or 636) 447-4212 (Cottleville) today.

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