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A Dentist’s Top 7 Tooth Staining Foods November 22, 2018

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A Dentist’s Top 7 Tooth Staining Foods, Dothan, Alabama

Your dental enamel is naturally tough and stain resistant, but there are a few foods that can overcome its natural defenses. When that happens, you’ll need cosmetic teeth whitening from your dentist to get them back to their natural color. To keep your teeth as white as possible in the meantime, limit your intake of these staining foods and drinks.

Foods Your Dentist Recommends Limiting

1. Wine & Coffee

You might expect red wine and dark coffee to be the major culprits here, but in fact, both reds and whites cause tooth stains. All these drinks contain tannins—natural compounds that darken your teeth over time.

2. Tomatoes

DentistA few fresh tomatoes aren’t likely to make a difference, but dark, concentrated tomato sauce leaves stains due to its acidity and bright color. Like most of the foods on this list, it’s fine in moderation but will stain your teeth if eaten often.

3. Soda

Carbonated soda is essentially the worst food for your dental enamel. First, the acidic drink weakens your enamel, and then the sugar encourages bacteria growth that erodes it even more. Finally, the dyes from the soda seep into your teeth—and since many people drink soda over the course of the day, the exposure is prolonged.

4. Asian Food

While not every dish will leave a mark, you should watch out for very bright or dark colors. Curry and soy sauce are two of the main offenders. As a rule of thumb, if the dish could stain your clothes, it could stain your teeth.

5. Dark Red Fruits & Veggies

Berries, grapes, beets, and pomegranates all have dark red or purplish juice that will tint your teeth. Limit your intake of these foods, mix them with other foods, and make sure to rinse your mouth after eating to minimize the effects.


If your teeth are showing signs of wear and tear, visit David A. Dauphin DMD in Dothan, AL. Serving Dale, Henry, and Houston counties, this dentist’s professional grade teeth whitening options and quality restorative care will have your teeth bright and beautiful again in just a few treatments. To schedule a visit, call (334) 794-3727 or get in touch online.

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