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Planning a Modern Kitchen Remodel? Avoid These 4 Mistakes January 7, 2019

Brooklyn, New York City, NY
Planning a Modern Kitchen Remodel? Avoid These 4 Mistakes, Brooklyn, New York

As you prepare for your first modern kitchen remodel, it helps to learn about some of the most common pitfalls. When you know how to avoid design issues and budget miscalculations, you’ll save plenty of time, money, and energy on your project without compromising your dreams. Here are a handful of missteps and how to keep from encountering them. 

Top 4 Mistakes Made in Modern Kitchen Remodels

1. Not Understanding the Scope of Your Project

You’re understandably excited about your remodeling plans and eager to get started, but you don’t want to rush into your remodel only to later have regrets because you didn’t know all your options. Think about your needs. How many people will be using the kitchen? Will you be able to work with your existing kitchen layout, or will you need to extend the space or remove a wall? Will you need to relocate gas and plumbing lines? Once your scope of work is settled, create a wish list of design features and appliances. Spend several weeks browsing through magazines and online product catalogs. Visit showrooms and stores to get an idea of costs and save your ideas on a vision board. Consult a professional design team to help you round out your plans. 

2. Ignoring Practical Design Features

modern kitchen remodelWhile looks are certainly important for adding value and overall pleasantness, your kitchen must also function well. Think about including energy efficient appliances, durable countertops, a multipurpose island, upgraded lighting, and increased cabinet space. Add aesthetic touches after you nail down practical basics.  

3. Going Over Budget

With so many fine products to choose from, it’s tempting to exceed your budget for modern kitchen remodels. Set a realistic, yet comfortable budget from the beginning. Allow for a margin of error of about 10%, as unexpected costs sometimes arise. If you’re worried about going into the red, allocate your funds according to your priorities. If your main goal is to expand storage, for instance, focus your spending in that area. 

4. Not Hiring a Professional Kitchen Designer

Perhaps most importantly, you need an experienced professional to guide you through every step of your modern kitchen remodel. Select a highly rated company with a reputation for outstanding customer service. Check reviews online, ask for a list of references, and take a look at their portfolio. The right person will have the knowledge to answer your questions and help you find products that suit your needs. 


Make your modern kitchen remodel hassle-free with services from European Kitchen Center. They oversee all projects from their initial design all the way through construction and completion. They offer exceptionally attentive service, sophisticated design solutions, and an array of the finest products. Call this Brooklyn, NY-based company at (718) 360-0950 today to start recreating your space. Visit them online to peruse their kitchen and bath showroom and learn more about contemporary renovation solutions. 

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