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5 Kitchen Design Tips for People Who Love to Cook December 14, 2018

Waipahu, Ewa
5 Kitchen Design Tips for People Who Love to Cook, Ewa, Hawaii

If you spend much time cooking, your kitchen design will have a significant impact on your efficiency and enjoyment of the space. If you’re in the middle of kitchen remodeling, keep function in mind as you create a new plan. Here are a few tips to make your workspace comfortable and attractive.

How to Design a Functional Kitchen

1. Center the Sink

The sink is where you’ll do a major portion of your prep work and washing up, so choose a generously sized, easily accessible model. Keep open workspace on either side of the sink—don’t clutter the space with appliances that will get in the way.

2. Use Invisible Handles

As you move through your kitchen and stand near your counter, knobs and handles sticking out of every cupboard will bump you and catch at your clothes. Choose touch-to-open cabinet designs or options with recessed handles.

3. Think Cooking, Cleanup, & Storage

Kitchen DesignThese are the three main tasks you’ll do in the kitchen, so make sure you have a coherent area for each. Arrange these areas so you can move smoothly from one to the next, instead of walking back and forth. A kitchen island could help in this regard—a popular layout has it across from the sink, putting cooking and storage a few steps away from the wash-up station.

4. Choose Closed Cupboards

If you have a choice between an open shelf or a closed cupboard, pick the cupboard. Your space will look tidier, and you are less likely to have handles and other odds and ends sticking out.

5. Consider Your Surfaces

Your kitchen counter should be hard to damage, but easy to clean to stand up to heavy use. Stainless steel, modern solid surface materials, and some stones like quartz are good kitchen design options for a dedicated chef.


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