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Hydraulic Pulse Water Well Maintenance November 15, 2018

Shell Lake, Washburn
Hydraulic Pulse Water Well Maintenance, Shell Lake, Wisconsin

Your well is designed to let water seep through its sides to be pumped up to the surface for your use. But over time, the crevices and fractures in the stone which allow water to flow can be narrowed or closed by growing mineral deposits. Well encrustation blocks water from entering your well and can severely damage your yield, making your well unusable. If this happens to you, you need water well maintenance, and one of the best options is the hydraulic pulse method.

What Is It

Water Well MaintenanceThe hydraulic pulse method uses water under high pressure to clean and re-fracture incrusted cracks in the stone inside your well. A jetting tool which produces horizontal jets of water is extended down the shaft of the well, with a hose feeding high-pressure water into it. The water jets scour the sides of the well, loosening debris and opening the way for your natural supply of water to flow once more. The jets can also be used to clean a well screen which has become encrusted or corroded.


Because this method uses only water to do the work, it is clean and safe for your family and the environment. The hydraulic pulse procedure is a fast, effective means of water well maintenance, and is also extremely cost-effective. In addition to increasing the yields of incrusted wells, this method can be used to apply any chemical treatments the well currently needs.


If your water yield has decreased and you need well repair including hydraulic pulse treatment, call DMB Drilling Co Inc. in Shell Lake, WI. Based in Washburn County, they provide water well maintenance and drilling statewide, drawing on four lifetimes of experience to provide flawless customer service. Whether you have to excavate or your well needs attention, call them at (715) 653-4202 or send a message online.

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