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Where Do White Doves Go After They Are Released?   November 15, 2018

Elsmere, Covington
Where Do White Doves Go After They Are Released?   , Covington, Kentucky

If you’re looking for a unique touch to add to your wedding or a loved one’s celebration of life, releasing white doves can be a great choice. These beautiful birds are a symbolic way to honor the day that everyone will remember. But have you ever wondered what happens to the doves after they’re released? Below is a quick explanation to help clear up any preconceived notions or confusion.

Dove Release 101

What Happens to White Doves After They’re Released?

white dovesIt may surprise you to learn that doves and pigeons are actually a part of the same species. While homing and rock pigeons often have a reputation as a dirty bird, they’re quite clean and extremely useful in symbolic releases. This is due to their impeccable ability to find their way home. While scientists still don’t know exactly how homing pigeons’ built-in GPS works, there’s been research pointing to the iron cells in their beaks and the proteins in their retinas as potential causes.

Once a pigeon or white dove is released, it may look like it’s flying away — but there’s no cause for concern. The birds’ built-in GPS kicks in, and it’s actually flying toward home base. Generally, dove release companies keep their birds in cozy outdoor lofts on their property. The released birds will fly safely home, and continue to live in comfort and safety.


Looking for a wedding or funeral dove release company to make your gathering extra special? Turn to Sign Of Peace White Dove Releases in Erlanger, KY. Their white doves communicate messages of hope, harmony, peace, and fidelity, creating a stunning sight that attendees of everything from christenings to memorial services are sure to remember forever. And since doves mate for life, they’re the perfect way to symbolically see your love soar after you say “I do.” To discuss your dove release needs, contact them online or call them directly at (859) 727-3254.

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