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3 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Fireplace November 19, 2018

Creve Coeur, St. Louis County
3 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Fireplace, Creve Coeur, Missouri

A fireplace can be a stunning and functional feature in any room. However, burning low-quality wood can also release chemicals and greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. If your fireplace needs an upgrade and you want to make sure it’s as environmentally conscious as possible, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan your next fireplace makeover.

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Fireplace Makeover

1. Replace Bad Firewood

Burning firewood releases carbon monoxide, methane, and particulate matter into the atmosphere. The pollution can be especially bad if you use wood that has been treated or exposed to mold or excessive moisture. Try to use dry, seasoned firewood or switch to wood pellets, which are made with sawdust and other wood remnants that would otherwise end up in landfills.

2. Have Your Chimney Cleaned

fireplace makeoverWhen you burn wood in a fireplace, creosote and other harmful byproducts build up inside your chimney. Try to have it inspected and cleaned by a professional at least once per year. This eliminates that buildup and lets your fire burn just a bit cleaner.

3. Consider a Gas Insert

You could burn natural gas or propane instead of wood. Invest in a gas insert, which is made to fit into the structure of your existing fireplace, or purchase a gas burning log. These products allow you to enjoy the ambiance of a fire, without releasing as many harmful gasses into the atmosphere.

If you want to complete an eco-friendly fireplace makeover, contact the professionals at The Color Craftsmen. Serving the St. Louis, MO, metro area, they specialize in fireplace refinishing and refacing. Owner John Bubenik has more than 30 years of experience in the paint / interior design industry and focuses all of that knowledge and experience on fireplace improvement and design. The team can help you choose new materials or completely reimagine the structure. You can request an estimate online, or call (314) 313-1495 to discuss your fireplace makeover needs.