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5 Ways to Protect Flooring During the Holidays November 14, 2018

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5 Ways to Protect Flooring During the Holidays, Chillicothe, Ohio

With the holidays approaching, preparing for guests is a top priority for many homeowners. When you plan on having more foot traffic in your home than usual, your flooring is susceptible to dirt and grime as well as precipitation from winter weather. Below are five ways to keep your floors safe throughout the season.

How to Shield Flooring During the Holiday Season

1. Clean Regularly

Stay on top of regular sweeping and vacuuming all season long. The quicker spills and dirt are removed, the safer flooring will be. Clean before and after parties, and if an accident occurs during the festivities, attend to it as soon as possible to avoid stains setting.

2. Add a Boot Tray or Shoe Station

Boot trays are an excellent way to contain wet shoes and boots. Place it by the main entrance so that guests can easily take off their shoes when they arrive. Add a towel or small rug to catch drips and mud. Consider placing a boot tray near other entrances such as back doors or porch and enclosed patio areas. If you want to ask all guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home, purchase one-time-use slippers to provide guests so they feel comfortable in your home without being in their bare feet or socks.

3. Use Area Rugs & Doormats

flooringPlace doormats at all entrances so that dirt, mud, salt from snow, and other outdoor particles do not track inside. Make sure there is a mat on the outside as well as inside of each entryway. For hardwood floors, avoid rubber doormats that can damage floorboards. Add area rugs, especially in rooms where gatherings will take place, to protect flooring from food and drinks.

4. Place Runners in High Traffic Areas

Add long runner rugs in hallways and other areas that will see a lot of foot traffic, such as the path between the kitchen and dining room. Besides protecting tile and hardwood, runners are also great over carpeting. Guests have a clear walkway and the damage to your flooring underneath is reduced.

5. Utilize Felt Furniture Pads

Place felt furniture pads underneath chair, couch, and table legs. As guests move about your home during the holidays, furniture will shift, which can damage your floors with scratches and scuffs. The pads may also keep pieces in place better and will be gentle on hardwood or tile flooring.


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