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Frequently Asked Questions About Backflow Prevention November 26, 2018

Antelope Park, Lincoln
Frequently Asked Questions About Backflow Prevention, Lincoln, Nebraska

If your commercial property is equipped with an irrigation system, you may have to worry about backflow. But just what is this water-related phenomenon, and how can it affect the livelihood of your business? While it can be a significant hazard, there are ways to stay on top of the worst-case scenario. Consider the information below.

What to Know About Backflow Prevention Testing 

1. What Is Backflow?

All man-made systems involving water—including commercial irrigation systems—are designed so that the liquid flows in one consistent direction. If yours is experiencing what is known as “backflow,” the water is temporarily moving the wrong way. For example, water from the sprinklers might be siphoned into your business’s main drinking supply.

2. What Causes It?

Most piping networks are at risk of cross-contamination. When the pressure in a reservoir or tank is lower than the rest of the system, a vacuum is created, causing the tainted water to move backward and combine with other reserves.

3. Why Should I Be Concerned?

Since sprinkler and irrigation systems are based outdoors, contaminants can end up getting sucked into the heads. For example, if your landscapers use fertilizer to tend the lawn or animals leave waste around the sprinklers, a sudden backflow issue may pull harmful chemicals, pesticides, and bacteria like E.coli into the drinking water. If this contaminated water is consumed by employees or customers, they will be at serious risk of contracting illnesses. As a result, your entire enterprise could be at risk of a shutdown and legal liability claims.

4. What Is Backflow Prevention Testing?

irrigation systemA professional team can install a device to monitor the motion of the water in the sprinkler system. This valve or loop will remain in place indefinitely and allow for easy testing once a year.

As the winter approaches, pipes are more likely to freeze. This, in turn, can lead to changes in water pressure and subsequent backflow. However, experts can match your system with the correct, code-compliant prevention device so you can enjoy peace of mind throughout the colder months.


If you’re worried about problems with your commercial sprinkler or irrigation system, get in touch with Whittemore Sprinkler Company of Lincoln, NE. In addition to installing and repairing these plumbing networks, they can ensure that the reversed flow of water never lands your business in troubling circumstances. For more information on their services, visit the website. Or call them at (402) 476-8552 to schedule an appointment.

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