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3 Ways to Protect Elderly Loved Ones From Scams January 30, 2019

Henrietta, Monroe
3 Ways to Protect Elderly Loved Ones From Scams, Henrietta, New York

It’s a sad fact that the elderly are often targeted by criminals with scams and fraudulent offers. In many cases, it’s up to adult children or home aides to prevent seniors from falling victim to these nefarious practices. Use the following advice to help deal with scams.

3 Tips on Safeguarding Seniors Against Scams

1. Don’t Blame Your Loved One

While it can be frustrating dealing with the outcome of your relative’s contact with a scammer, refrain from blaming your loved one. Seniors with cognitive issues, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, often become confused easily, which many criminals use to their advantage. Remember that your loved one is a victim and should be treated compassionately.

2. Know How to Identify a Scam

home aideOne major indication of wrongdoing is that a senior will be contacted out of the blue and informed of a prize or payout. If your loved one has not entered any contests or sweepstakes, this is likely a scam. Also, requests for processing fees before prizes are awarded are almost always fraudulent. Trust your instincts and contact the issuing authority, whether that’s a company, government agency, or person.

3. Hire a Home Aide

If your best efforts seem to fall short, hire a home aide. Home health care is suited to seniors who have some issues with daily chores and tasks but can still manage to live independently for the most part. If you’re concerned about your loved one receiving fraudulent letters or phone calls requesting money, a caregiver can provide assistance day-to-day, while also filling you in on suspicious activity.


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