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3 Signs There Are Bats in Your Home December 3, 2018

Statesboro, Bulloch
3 Signs There Are Bats in Your Home, Statesboro, Georgia

People often call for pest services because of insect and rodent issues, but they’re not the only issues these technicians can handle. In fact, bats are also a common problem that sends many homeowners calling for professional help. Here are three signs your house may have bat visitors.

3 Potential Indications of Bat Activity

1. Animal Sounds

How can you tell if those squeaking, scurrying, and scratching noises in the wall are a squirrel or a bat? Bats sleep during the day, so it’s more likely that you have a bat issue if the sounds primarily occur at night. You may also notice a fluttering noise, which indicates they’re flying around. If the bats are only in the walls, they might not have enough room to fly, but if they’re in the attic, you may hear them, especially if a loud noise startles them. 

2. Droppings and Scratch Marks

pest services Statesboro GABats hang upside down from roofs, rafters and trees to rest. If they’re in your attic, they may leave behind droppings or even scratch marks on the walls or rafters where they go to relax. Contact pest services if you spot bat guano—which is slightly larger than mouse poop—or see urine stains under potential roost locations.

3. Intense Odor

Homes that have bat infestations can give off the scent of ammonia in the areas where bats are living. This bitter odor is caused by bat guano and urine and is often a clear sign that your house has bat guests. If you’re concerned about a mystery scent coming from the attic, garage, or walls, don’t hesitate to bring in pest services, as the smell can cause health problems as it grows stronger. The area the bats are living in will require a cleanup and potential restoration to prevent mold and fungus growth that can reduce indoor air quality.


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