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Why Massages Make Incredible Christmas Gifts November 15, 2018

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
Why Massages Make Incredible Christmas Gifts, Manhattan, New York

Christmas season is just around the corner, so it’s time to start your holiday shopping. If you’re wondering what to give that special man in your life, why not give the gift of ultimate relaxation with a massage? After all the chaos and stress of this hectic season, there’s no better way to help someone unwind than with a relaxing men’s massage. For some further inspiration, here are three key reasons massages make incredible Christmas gifts.

3 Reasons to Buy a Men’s Massage Gift Card for Christmas

1. Help a Loved One Unwind

Between running around shopping for gifts, organizing travel plans, and preparing large family meals, there’s often little to no time for personal care during the holidays. Buying someone a massage helps them unwind and enjoy some quality alone time without countless distractions. They’ll appreciate the time to take a breather and you’ll feel great knowing you gave a gift they won’t want to return.

2. Elevate Mood

men's massageWhile the holidays are typically joyous, this isn’t always the case. With frequent gatherings and get-togethers, the holidays can stir up family conflict or fuel feelings of grief, particularly on the heels of a recent loss. Buying a men’s massage gift card helps elevate a loved one’s somber mood. During a massage, the recipient will experience a release of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, the hormones responsible for boosting mood.   

3. Contribute to Someone’s Health & Well-Being

It’s no surprise that massages are relaxing, but did you know they also help promote proper health and well-being? In addition to the mood-boosting hormone release, massages can help improve blood flow through increased circulation and ease everyday aches and pains caused by stress. This is critical, as stress can be at an all-time high around the hectic holiday season.


If you’re looking to give the generous gift of a relaxing men’s massage this holiday season, look no further than New Paradise Men's Spa in New York. Located in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, this popular men’s spa proudly provides everything from skin care and waxing to signature spa treatments in their decadent facility. To inquire about a gift certificate for the special man in your life, call (646) 559-1621 or visit their website.

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