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Why Your Auto Insurance May Not Extend to Border Countries November 19, 2018

Woods Park, Lincoln
Why Your Auto Insurance May Not Extend to Border Countries, Lincoln, Nebraska

What’s a more exciting way to spend the holidays than a road trip to Mexico? Or a ski excursion up in Canada? Before you pack up and hit the highway, make sure your auto insurance will protect you for the full length of the trip—as most policies do not extend beyond the United States’ borders. Here is a helpful guide for ensuring you have proper coverage in place.

A Guide to Auto Insurance For Border Travel


Depending on how far you drive into Mexico, your existing auto insurance policy may provide coverage. Check with your carrier on the distance limitations and whether or not it extends to vehicles like a rented RV. This way you avoid any financial or legal surprises.

In Mexico, liability insurance is also required for those traveling from outside the country. Insurance companies based in the United States are not allowed to offer this type of coverage so you will have to turn to a Mexico-based insurer for protection from damages that may occur to vehicles, people, or property. However, by talking to your current agent, they can help you determine how much liability protection is needed to comply with Mexico’s laws.

It’s important to note that if you don’t secure the proper coverage, you may face jail time and pay fines. If you’re involved in a car accident that results in a death, Mexico will require you to pay a least $25,000 out of pocket.


auto insuranceIf your holiday plans include traveling into Canada, an existing United States-based auto insurance policy will provide damage and liability protection for your vehicle. With that in mind, you should call your carrier to request the free Motor Vehicle Liability Card/Canada Inter-Province insurance card. This will show Canadian law enforcement officials that you have the country’s proper coverage. Without it, you may have to pay a fine if stopped by a police officer.


If you’re planning to travel to Mexico or Canada for the holidays, make sure your vehicle is protected. Since 1995, Allstar Insurance in Lincoln, NE, has continued to help clients get the coverage needed. Their team of professional and friendly agents will gladly review your existing auto insurance policy to ensure it meets each country’s laws. To learn more, call (402) 477-0900. You can also visit the website for information on the agency’s full suite of services.

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