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3 Common Vehicle Accidents & How to Prevent Them November 15, 2018

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3 Common Vehicle Accidents & How to Prevent Them, Fairfield, Ohio

Slick road conditions, texting, and speed are just a few of the triggers of many vehicle accidents. The aftermath of these road incidents can be frightening and costly. Car insurance companies continue to track the kind of fender benders that occur the most. Here are several of the most common ones and how to prevent them.

3 Leading Types of Car Accidents

1. Hydroplaning

This dangerous scenario occurs when a vehicle’s tires collide with standing water. Tire tread is designed to move water away from the wheels’ contact points. If the car or truck is traveling at a fast speed, residual water remains between the road and tires. The result is hydroplaning, which may cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, hit the brakes, and skid. Avoid hydroplaning by slowing down in rainy weather. Make sure your tires also have adequate tread depth for a better grip on the road.

2. Rear-End Collision

car insurance companiesFollowing too closely behind another car commonly ends in rear-end collisions. When a driver takes their eyes off the road, it only takes a few seconds to run into the vehicle in front of them. Drivers should always keep enough distance to come to a sudden stop to avoid impact.

3. Parked Car Accident

Car insurance companies see many claims involving collisions with parked vehicles. They typically occur when backing up in a parking lot and overestimating the space between each car. Accidents are also common when drivers are trying to parallel park or exit a tight spot. Prevent collisions by checking all surroundings. Avoid tight parking spaces, and give yourself enough room to maneuver.


Safety and focus should be the goals every time drivers get behind the wheel. Based in Fairfield, OH, 1st Choice Insurance helps its clients remain proactive with reliable and affordable auto insurance. The family-owned business shops around for the best rates from some of the nation’s leading car insurance companies. Assisting high-risk drivers with suspended licenses and credit issues is the agency’s specialty. To learn more about securing coverage, call (513) 860-0666 today. Visit the website to request a free quote from the car insurance company.

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