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3 Steps to Prevent Roofing Damage This Winter December 3, 2018

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3 Steps to Prevent Roofing Damage This Winter, Platteville, Wisconsin

If you’re not properly prepared, winter can wreak havoc on your home. The freezing conditions combined with piles of snow can wear out roofing materials and make the structure susceptible to interior water damage. Keep this from happening to your home by following these three steps for effective snow damage prevention.

3 Steps to Protect Roofing Material from Snow Damage

1. Use a Snow Rake

roofingRoofing materials are known to sustain approximately 20 pounds of snow per square foot. If more snow accumulates, there’s a chance of the roof will develop damage. The best form of protection is to clear off the roof after every major snowstorm with a quality snow rake. The extendable handle provides a safe method for removing snow from the roof by eliminating the need to climb a ladder.

2. Reduce Attic Temperature

If a warm attic rapidly melts snow, the snow will refreeze at the roof’s edge, forming a line of ice dams and dangerous icicles. Damage occurs when the snow melts too quickly and refreezes into ice blockades that prevent water from running off the roof. Reducing the attic temperature is a simple way to avoid costly damage.

3. Clean Gutters

Ice buildup can weigh down gutters and cause them to pull slightly away from the house. Ice buildup allows water to puddle next to the foundation and increases the possibility of internal leaks. Ice can also weaken the hardware and cause gutters to fall off the house altogether. If you’re concerned about the amount of ice that’s forming, have a roofing company chip away at the buildup to preserve the condition of your gutters.


Learn more about how to protect your home this winter by connecting with the professionals at Bel-Aire Home Improvement. Their team of experts specialize in residential and commercial roofing and are available 24/7 for last-minute storm damage repairs. Each contractor performs exceptional craftsmanship and is committed to supplying friendly customer service. Their service area includes Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and Eastern Iowa. Call (608) 348-2381 to receive a free estimate or learn more information about their roofing services by visiting their website.


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