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Antelope Park, Lincoln

The temperatures are supposed to drop this weekend and possibly snow tomorrow!!  That means for those who have not yet turned off your underground sprinkler systems, you need to WRAP YOUR BACKFLOW PREVENTER with a blanket and make sure that copper pipe that goes into the ground is covered completely.  It is usually on the outside of the house and looks kind of like the picture I have attached.  We at Whittemore Sprinkler Company are in the process of trying to get as many sprinkler systems winterized as we possibly can, but if you aren’t a customer of Whittemore Sprinkler Company (Heaven Forbid) and you winterize your lawn sprinkler system yourself and your haven’t done it yet – you need to at least wrap the back flow preventer to keep it from freezing. 

Call us at Whittemore Sprinkler Company (402-476-8552) if you need us to come out and winterize your system for you.  It is supposed to warm up again next week, a little anyway, but for the time being, if you are worried about your underground sprinkler system freezing, wrap the backflow preventer. 

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