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How to Prevent Termites in Your Home November 14, 2018

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How to Prevent Termites in Your Home, Lebanon, Kentucky

Left unchecked, termites can do a significant amount of structural damage to a home. Because they feed on and nest in wood, houses are an attractive place for them. Fortunately, there are some residential pest control strategies that homeowners can use to prevent termite infestations. See where to get started below.

A Residential Pest Control Guide for Preventing Termites

Keep It Dry

In addition to wood, termites—especially subterranean ones—like moisture. Keep your home and its foundation dry. You can do this by directing all sprinklers away from the home, maintaining proper drainage away from the foundation through your gutters and trenches, and keeping siding and windows in good condition to prevent water leaks.

Create a Cellulose-Free Buffer

residential pest controlCellulose in your yard, such as stacked firewood, overhanging tree limbs, and shrubbery, will all attract termites. It is a good source of food for many and provides shelter that brings them close to the home. Maintain a buffer of a few feet around your home and stack any firewood piles up off the ground.

Schedule Treatment

If you still can’t prevent termites and you suspect an infestation, don’t wait until the pest problem has caused significant damage to your home. Schedule a treatment with a professional right away. Usually, a one-time treatment is all you need to stop the problem and prevent new issues popping up. Some pest control companies will even offer a warranty, so you can ensure your home will be safe from termites. 


Allan’s of Central Kentucky Termite & Pest Control Co. has been providing expert commercial and residential pest control to the Lebanon, KY, area for more than 37 years. They are members of professional organizations such as the Kentucky Pest Control Association and National Pest Management Association. In addition to preventive treatments, they can conduct a termite inspection if you’re worried that you have an infestation, and they offer a 10-year warranty on their termite services. Contact their pest control team on their website or at (270) 692-2215 to schedule a service.

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