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What You Can Expect From a Hot Stone Massage December 5, 2018

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
What You Can Expect From a Hot Stone Massage, Juneau, Alaska

Whether you’re a massage center newcomer or a regular client, hot stone massages are a totally distinct experience. With the help of warm, smooth stones combined with traditional massage techniques, clients can feel an unparalleled level of relaxation. Unless you’ve gone through a session, it may be difficult to imagine how such a unique method of massage is carried out. The following guide will walk you through the process.

What You Should Know About Getting a Hot Stone Massage

Before the Massage

An important aspect to note about any massage is that your comfort is paramount. You are not required to undress completely, particularly if doing so would leave you unable to relax. Your massage therapist will ask you a series of questions that will determine what your session will focus on. The point of a massage is to enjoy the experience and release stress, and the only way to achieve this is with your input. Be prepared to provide information on areas of tension, pain, or soreness. Let them know of any sensitivities or recent injuries as well.

After your discussion, you will lie on a massage table as your massage therapists allows you to prepare. You may use the sheets provided to you to protect your modesty, but in general, only the areas receiving treatment will need to remain uncovered. The stones will be heated and ready for use prior to your arrival.

During Your Treatment

massageMost spas provide optional aromatherapy to fully immerse clients in a state of tranquility. Your massage therapist may use certain scents to target pain, anxiety, or depression based on your earlier conversation. They will begin placing heated stones on either side of your spine, then press on the aforementioned problem areas.

During this process, massage therapists use both their hands and the stones to gently kneed muscles and release tension. Hot stones of varying sizes can be placed just about anywhere, from in between fingers to underneath armpits. They should not be hot enough to cause pain. As stones cool, your massage therapist will replace them with fresh ones. Your session should leave you feeling loosened up and noticeably relaxed.


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