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Why Your Business Needs VoIP November 7, 2018

New York, New York
Why Your Business Needs VoIP, New York, New York

Businesses need a reliable communications infrastructure to connect with their clients and boost productivity within their companies. Thanks to advances in technology, phone systems become more reliable with voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, as a way to make and receive calls via the Internet. As many companies make the switch from traditional telephony, here’s why you should consider it as well.

5 Benefits of VoIP as a Phone System

1. Cost Savings

For many businesses, the main benefit of having a VoIP system is the cost savings. This phone system lets users place domestic and international calls at considerably lower rates, compared to conventional phone lines. Since VoIP runs on a single network, it uses up fewer resources and infrastructure. It’s also low-maintenance, making it a cost-effective system.

2. Multiple Features

Another advantage of VoIPVoIP over traditional phone lines is multi-functionality without the added expense. Aside from supporting teleconferencing and video conferencing without hiccups, it also offers features like fax, voicemails, caller ID, call forwarding and user directory. Depending on your service provider, some VoIP comes with tracking systems and virtual assistant as well.

3. Mobility

Since VoIP is digital, it only needs a stable Internet connection to have a dial tone and begin your call. It provides unlimited portability that traditional telephony can’t match, as multiple virtual numbers can be set to receive and make calls on single or several devices—and it all begins by simply downloading the software.  

4. Efficiency and Security

Thanks to features like auto attendant and call forwarding, VoIP allows your business to organize your employees according to their specializations or assigned tasks, eliminating the need for a receptionist. And because calls can be monitored and recorded, you’re protecting your company against potential fraud while ensuring that employees are communicating effectively with your clients. It also lets you analyze patterns on phone traffic so that you can adjust your manpower accordingly.

5. Versatility

VoIP handsets are designed to efficiently handle voice or data communication simultaneously. For instance, you can record a voicemail and have it sent to a fax machine. Aside from being affordable, these plug-and-play handsets are scalable as you can easily reconfigure features without replacing the hardware.



Consider switching to a VoIP phone system as a better, more cost-effective alternative to traditional telephony. When you need reliable Wi-Fi or fiber connection for your business or event, look no further than Challenger Broadband in Midtown Manhattan. With over 30 years of experience, this internet service provider has consistently delivered top speeds and solid connectivity. Call (646) 723-9999 or head over to their website to learn more.

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