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How to Complement Your Spray Tan With Makeup December 3, 2018

How to Complement Your Spray Tan With Makeup, Stillwater, Oklahoma

Especially in the dreary winter months, a spray tan is an excellent way to bring some sunshine to your appearance. By adding a golden glow and evening out your skin tone, it’s also the perfect accessory for those holiday photo ops. If you enjoy wearing makeup, you can accentuate your revamped complexion with a few simple tips. Use the following pointers to wow friends and family and feel radiant this season!

3 Tips for Enhancing a Spray Tan With Makeup

1. Highlighter

Since a spray tan acts like a form of foundation by evening out your skin tone and hiding redness, you can turn your attention to more ornamental products. With the rise of contouring in recent years, highlighter has become a hot product, and it can do wonders to complement a sun-kissed look. Simply dab the cream or powder onto the pronounced areas of your face that the sunlight would naturally hit first—such as your cheekbones, brow, and the tip of your nose.

2. Blush

spray tanSome people shy away from adding pink tones to a pale complexion, as it can look more like a form of irritation than a natural glow. However, with a spray tan as a uniform golden base, a bit of rouge will stand out and add even more of a youthful, full-of-life appearance to your face. Dab some on a soft brush and smile before applying it gradually—this will raise the apples of your cheeks, where the blush should be concentrated.

3. Mascara

If you want to accentuate the feminine beauty of your new look, focus your attention on framing the eyes. The whites of your eyes will already stand out more in comparison to your tanned skin, but you’ll need a few swipes of jet black mascara to finish the look. By extending, volumizing, and curving one of the most feminine features, you’ll be batting your eyes at your own reflection!


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