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3 Ways to Know It's Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors December 10, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Ways to Know It's Time to Refinish Your Hardwood Floors, Lincoln, Nebraska

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful addition to any home. However, you may find over time that your wood floors acquire scratches or lose luster. Floor refinishing will breathe new life into your floors by buffing out scratches and applying a stain and sealant. Though wood floor refinishing will restore shine and beauty, it’s hard to know when to schedule services. Use the helpful guide below to know when hardwood floor refinishing is warranted. 

How to Tell It's Time to Get Wood Floor Refinishing

1. Excessive Damage

floor refinishingPets, foot traffic, and furniture movement can leave behind lots of unsightly scratches that penetrate the stain on your hardwood floors. Small scratches here and there typically don’t require full refinishing of your floor. However, if the damage is substantial enough that it can’t be concealed with a rug or it changes the attractiveness of the floor, then it’s time to refinish.

2. Gray Wood

All hardwood will eventually lose its luster. Over time, the polyurethane coating will wear down, and moisture will seep in and turn the wood gray as it oxidizes. If you notice gray areas on the floor but aren’t sure if it’s time to refinish, conduct a simple water test. Place a tablespoon of water in a heavily trafficked area. Examine the reaction of the water. If the moisture quickly seeps into the wood, you need to refinish your floors immediately. If it drains slowly, the polyurethane coating isn’t completely gone, and you can postpone the refinishing if necessary. If the water beads off the floor, the polyurethane is intact, and you don’t have to take immediate action. 

3. Fading

Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause hardwood flooring to become dull and unattractive. You may notice the wood’s color fading around the windows where sunlight comes through. Check for fading or discoloration by looking under rugs and furniture that hasn’t been moved in a while. These covered areas will look substantially richer and darker than sun damaged sections. Refinishing will even out discolored areas by applying a fresh wood stain.


If you’re in need of floor refinishing, put your trust in the dependable flooring contractors at Carl Bohlmeyer Floor Sanding in Lincoln, NE. For over 50 years, their team of experts has provided residents throughout the area with exceptional refinishing services using the latest industry technology. They focus on client satisfaction, and will work closely with you as they restore your floors and improve the look of your home. To schedule a free estimate, call (402) 423-7225 or visit them online today. 

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