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Torn Between iPhone® X, XS & XR? How to Choose the One for You November 20, 2018

Boscobel, Grant
Torn Between iPhone® X, XS & XR? How to Choose the One for You, Boscobel, Wisconsin

If the newest iPhone® release has inspired you to switch things up, you’re not alone. Many people are upgrading their numbered iPhones for an X model. However, with so many new ones on the market, figuring which is best for you can be difficult. If you’re currently undecided and overwhelmed, here are a few essential factors to consider.

How to Choose Between the Newest iPhone Models


If you frequently watch movies or stream the news on your phone, you will want the high-quality display of either the X or XS. Both feature an OLED Super Retina™ screen, which offers a higher pixel density, better color accuracy, and sharper definition. As for size, if you want a larger screen, the XS Max is the one to choose; the display measures 6.5” while the standard XS is 5.8”, which is the same as the X.

Photography & Videography

iPhoneIf you want to boost your visual art skills, the XS will give you the most versatility. It has two cameras: one with a wide-angle lens and another with a telephoto one, Smart HDR, depth control, and video stabilization. If you’re just starting, the XR may be the one. Aside from the single camera, it also offers all of the same features for a more affordable price.


For those who have a lot of files, the XS has the largest capacity, with its highest option at 512GB, while the X and XR only go up to 256GB. Remember, unless you use your phone for constantly shooting videos or playing games, you may not need as much file storage as you think. Refer to your current file usage for an accurate frame of reference for your needs.


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