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3 Common Reasons Social Security Disability Claims Are Denied November 14, 2018

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3 Common Reasons Social Security Disability Claims Are Denied, Rochester, New York

As any Social Security Disability attorney will attest, it's common for many first-time claimants to initially have their SSDI application denied. Roughly 67% of claims are rejected by Social Security, and with a number this high, an applicant understandably wants to do everything possible to present a strong case. Part of providing a solid claim is knowing some of the reasons applications are denied; here are a few of the more common ones Social Security Disability attorneys encounter.

Why Were My Disability Benefits Denied?

1. Your Medical Condition Does Not Meet Social Security's Guidelines

According to Social Security law, a medical condition must meet certain guidelines to be considered a disability. It must be expected to last at least 12 months and prevent you from doing work of any kind. The Social Security Administration also has specific requirements that a condition must satisfy to be called disabling. On their website, they maintain a list of impairments they consider serious enough to warrant SSDI.

2. You Don't Make Enough Money

Social Security Disability attorneyTo qualify for SSDI, you have to meet certain income thresholds. The amount of money you earn in benefits is based on work credit hours accumulated throughout your working life. So, if an applicant earns less than $1,000 a month, they generally do not have the requisite number of work credit hours to be approved for SSDI. This is called a technical denial, and your Social Security Disability attorney can help you pursue other options or paths to getting the benefits you need.

3. You Refuse to Comply With Social Security's Requests

Any applicant who meets the work credit hour requirement will have their initial application thoroughly reviewed, investigated, and assessed. Part of that process involves summoning your medical records, which you need to grant the SSA permission to access. Also, you may be asked to see a medical doctor of their choosing for an in-person evaluation. Not complying with the SSA's requests is viewed as a lack of cooperation and willingness, and they often deny applicants who refuse to work with them and provide the necessary information.


This is just a sampling of the many reasons claims are rejected. If you've been denied, it's important to explore your options for appeal. Social Security Disability attorney James H. Sickelco, Attorney at Law, is here to help. Since 1979, he has been serving Monroe County, New York, in SSDI claims, family law issues, and wills and trusts. Call (585) 546-3820 or visit his website to schedule a consultation today.

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