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3 Ways to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Tennis Racket  November 14, 2018

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3 Ways to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Tennis Racket , Beavercreek, Ohio

While skill level is paramount when it comes to performing well in sports like tennis, the quality of your equipment can also have a significant impact on your game. To give yourself the best odds of success, it’s important to maximize the efficiency of your tennis racket. While each player has their own unique preferences, here are some practical tips for players of all levels for bringing more power to each swing.

3 Tips for Maximizing Tennis Racket Power & Efficiency

1. Choose the Right Size & Style

Advanced players should choose rackets based on their swing style. For instance, players who use long swings and aggressive hits seek smaller rackets that give them more control. If you use shorter, more compact swings, however, an oversize racket can boost your hitting power. Beginners who aren’t sure which swing style suits them best should stick with whatever is most comfortable. Mid-size models tend to feel best for new players. Most importantly, look for a stiff racket, as flexibility wastes energy.

2. Use High-Quality Strings

tennisPre-strung rackets are preferred among recreational players, but if you’re serious about tennis, you’ll need to determine which string type suits you best. Natural materials aren’t very durable but do provide a consistent feel for advanced players. Synthetic string delivers a balance of playability and durability and is well-suited for average players. Thicker strings last longer, but thinner gauges deliver increased sensitivity for advanced players. The tension is also important: while higher tension provides better control, they also afford less power, which is why lower tension is often preferred.

3. Consider Using Overgrip

Finally, consider improving the grip on your racket handle by using overgrip. This sticky, colorful tape is wrapped around the grip of the racket for the sake of comfort. It can also aid in shock absorption. Overgrip should be replaced regularly, and should always be wrapped from the base of the grip upwards towards the head. Maintain a consistent overlap and secure the overgrip using the special piece of tape that comes with it. The overlap should be between an eight and a quarter of an inch but varies based on individual preference.


Now that you know how to maximize the efficiency of your swing, experiment with different sizes, overgrips and strings to create the ideal racket that’s right for you. The clay tennis courts at Greene Valley Recreation Club in Dayton, OH, are the perfect place to practice for club members. Featuring Har-Tru green clay, the world’s leading clay court surface, these courts are well-maintained and feature plenty of seating for spectators. Learn more about the courts by visiting the recreation club online, or call (937) 426-3273 for more information.

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