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Why You Should Call an Attorney After an Automobile Accident November 22, 2018

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Why You Should Call an Attorney After an Automobile Accident, Coram, Montana

Because automobile accidents happen out of the blue, they take drivers by surprise, and many are unsure where to turn after such an intense, often traumatic experience. Once an accident victim's medical needs have been tended to, they should make it a priority to call an attorney. Below are a few reasons why you need to make this call and start protecting yourself from a legal perspective.

Know Your Rightsautomobile accident

After an automobile accident, those involved deserve to know of, understand, and exercise their legal rights. Not every crash results in complex insurance claims or lengthy lawsuits, but you should always explore all available options. An accident lawyer can best help you do this. They know the intricacies of accident and injury law, and they will advise you on the next and best steps to take. If you've been injured or have sustained extensive vehicle damage, you have every right to pursue compensation. An attorney will show you how.

Protect Evidence

Most automobile accidents need to be investigated in order to determine who is at fault and, therefore, bears liability. Immediately after the crash, measures must be taken to protect and preserve evidence so this investigation can occur. Your attorney will launch their own examination into the chain of events that transpired, and they will notify other parties involved to retain potentially important pieces of evidence, such as photos or video from the accident scene, vehicle parts, and insurance and medical records.

Find Witnesses

Eyewitnesses to an accident may provide crucial testimony that supports your position. But some witnesses might be reluctant to talk or get involved, or you may not even be aware that anyone saw the accident took place. As part of their investigation, an accident attorney will look for people who witnessed the crash and reach out to them. They will also talk to confirmed witnesses and encourage them to give sworn statements. Having even one reliable eyewitness account can make a dramatic difference in any accident case.


In the uncertain hours and days after an automobile accident, be sure to have the support you need, and contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The legal professionals at Bothe & Lauridsen, PC, have been serving Northwest Montana for more than 30 years; they offer representation in accident, injury, and workers' compensation cases. Call (406) 892-2193 or visit their website to arrange an initial consultation today.

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