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3 Fundamentals of Lighting Design for Interiors November 14, 2018

East Walnut HIlls, Cincinnati
3 Fundamentals of Lighting Design for Interiors, Cincinnati, Ohio

Decorative lighting is important to the overall appearance of your home. It can enhance the ambiance of any room and help everyone feel more relaxed and comfortable. It’s vital to include ambient, task and accent lights in every room in your house. Below is an overview of these three approaches to lighting. 

Common Types of Interior Lighting

1. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the first layer of home lighting and designed to increase visibility and safety. These types of lights can come from various fixtures, like chandeliers, wall scones, torchieres, and recessed ceiling lights. Balance is crucial in selecting the location of ambient lights. If you include lights in just one corner of the room, it will look too dark. On the other hand, if you attempt to add lights to every corner, it will be too bright. It’s best to illuminate one area at the front of the room and place a table or floor lamp at the back of the room.

2. Task Lighting

decorative lightingTask lighting is a type of decorative lighting that brightens smaller areas of a room. These kinds of lights make it easier to perform certain tasks, like applying makeup, reading, and cooking. For example, if you’re in your bedroom getting ready for the day, you can use vanity lights. If you’re preparing food in the kitchen, utilize under counter lights.

3. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting brings attention to specific features and objects in a room, like sculptures and paintings. Examples of this decorative lighting includes light bridges on furniture, wall sconces, and picture lights. Add accent lighting to objects you want to highlight and avoid it around elements you want to hide.


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