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3 Remodeling Ideas to Boost Natural Light in Your Home November 30, 2018

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3 Remodeling Ideas to Boost Natural Light in Your Home, Hayward, Wisconsin

No matter how beautiful a home already is, many homeowners look for ways to increase the level of natural light in their house. Few residents enjoy living in dark spaces or ones forcefully illuminated by artificial lights. Luckily, there are a few tactics to bring more sunlight into your house with the help of a home remodeling contractor. Here are three ways a professional can help increase your home’s brightness. 

Adding Natural Light to Your House

1. Replace Windows & Doors

home remodeling contractorThe most effective method for boosting your outside light is to give it more space to enter your home. One option is to tear out your windows with the help of a home remodeling contractor and replace them with larger fixtures. Another is to invest in a glass door. That switch will take a large surface area that was blocking light entirely and allow it to shine through.

2. Repaint the Interior

If you’ve been feeling a little tired of some of the color schemes in your interior, it might be a good time to repaint. By phasing out dark colors that take in light rather than providing a reflective surface, you’ll be accomplishing two goals at once. Bright colored paint both makes a room feel lighter through its mood and creates more light through reflection. 

3. Change the Flooring

To maximize the level of natural light in your home, add more reflective surfaces. Another enemy of expansive outdoor light is carpeting since it doesn’t bounce any of it back throughout your house. With polished ceramic or stone, your home remodeling contractor will add a surface that is not only beautiful in its own right but also a prime reflector to make your rooms brighter. 


If you’ve been strategizing about how to increase the level of natural light in your home, consult with respected home remodeling contractor Coast to Coast Contracting & Development in Hayward and northwest Wisconsin. Whether there is the most light to gain with a bathroom or kitchen remodel or you want larger windows throughout the home, these professionals will look at every opportunity to bring more sun into your house. For a free in-person consultation, call (715) 790-0662, or send a message through their website

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