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Top 5 Senior-Friendly Kitchen Design Elements November 21, 2018

Lincoln, Lancaster
Top 5 Senior-Friendly Kitchen Design Elements, Lincoln, Nebraska

It's natural to want to spend your advanced years in the home where you've created so many memories. Doing so safely, however, can present a challenge when factoring in new maneuverability and accessibility requirements. Paying attention to a few important kitchen design elements can go a long way towards creating a space that continues to provide the comfort and security it always has.

1. Safer Counters

Sharp edges and corners can be dangerous when bumped into. Instead, install rounded-edge countertops to minimize the chances of injury when maneuvering in the kitchen.

2. Clearance

Provide ample clearance between appliances and cabinets. Adding spacious walkways makes it easier to navigate the space. This is particularly true if you are using a mobility device to maneuver around the house.

3. Pull-Out Cabinetry

kitchen designStandard pantries place food too high, making them difficult to reach. A pull-out pantry puts items at eye level, reducing strain on the back. You can arrange for a similar set-up for your pots and pans to also make them more accessible.

4. Accessible Lighting

Insufficient lighting can make it difficult to see as you walk through the kitchen, leading to accidents. Add task lighting to your kitchen design to illuminate the work area on the countertops and consider adding motion sensors—they’ll automatically brighten the space as you enter and turn off automatically when you leave.

5. Upgraded Faucet

The twist knob on traditional faucets can be difficult to use later in life, especially for those prone to arthritis. Upgrade the kitchen faucet to one that uses levers. Alternatively, the sink is another place where motion sensors can be useful and ensure that you don't waste water by leaving the tap running.


Taking these elements into consideration can help you create a kitchen suited to your changing needs. If you'd like more information on senior-friendly kitchen designs, turn to InsideOut Renovations of Lincoln, NE. From bathrooms to electrical work, they have the knowledge and expertise to tackle any home project. Call them today to schedule a design consultation. You can also view their impressive portfolio on their website.