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Keep Your Restaurant Bug-Free With These 4 Pest Control Tips November 27, 2018

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Keep Your Restaurant Bug-Free With These 4 Pest Control Tips, Dothan, Alabama

As a restaurant owner or manager, the health and cleanliness of your business are crucial to its success. Invasions of insects and rodents causing property damage and spreading illnesses are the stuff of nightmares, not to mention the health inspector’s visit. Here are a handful of pest control tips that will keep critters out of your commercial kitchen and restaurant. 

Restaurant Pest Control Basics

1. Take Out the Garbage

Don’t forget to take all of your trash out to the dumpster before you close the restaurant for the evening. Keep pests away from the dumpster itself by tying off garbage bags tightly before tossing them. Remember to remove trash from bathrooms, too. 

2. Clean Regularly

pest controlAs you clean your restaurant at the end of each night, give the kitchen some special attention. Seal all food bags and containers tightly to deter ants and cockroaches. Clear drains and garbage disposals of food residue that may attract flies. Wipe down all countertops, tables, and other surfaces with disinfectant. 

3. Caulk & Seal Cracks

Inspect your restaurant’s doors and windows for any cracks and gaps. Seal them with caulk or weatherstripping to close up potential entryways for insects and rodents. Install new insulation in your walls and attic to provide a stronger barrier between your restaurant and outdoor critters. 

4. Hire a Pest Control Service

The best way to ensure insects and rodents stay away from your restaurant is by hiring a pest control service once every month or so. They will use safe, effective products to prevent pest infestations while safely removing any existing issues. Many companies will offer you a convenient contract to ensure regular service.


The next time you need effective and dependable pest control services for your business or home, Tabor Pest Control will keep your property safe, clean, and critter-free. They provide the Dothan, AL, area with exterminator solutions for ants, wasps, termites, fleas, bedbugs, mice, and rats. Call this pest control team at (334) 793-7471 to get a quick quote, and visit their website to learn more about their many services. 

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