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3 Tips for Staying Safe on the Road November 13, 2018

Houston, Harris
3 Tips for Staying Safe on the Road, Houston, Texas

Personal injury attorneys know from their own experience and their clients' just how dangerous the roads can be. From foul weather and vehicle malfunctions to impaired motorists, you face potential hazards every time you get behind the wheel. Although many of these perils are out of your control, there are ways to reduce the risk of ending up in a devastating car accident. Here are just a few safe driving tips all motorists should follow. 

How to Reduce Your Risk of a Car Accident

1. Eliminate Distractions

Nowadays, more distractions than ever are vying for our attention, but they can usually be broken up into three categories—cognitive, visual, and manual. While they can each be dangerous, certain actions, such as texting while driving, are especially risky, since it involves all three: taking your eyes off the road, your focus off traffic, and your hands off the wheel. As attorneys know, this activity has been illegal in Texas since September 2017. 

2. Stay Defensive 

attorneysNever assume the motorists around you will follow the rules of the road. Instead, drive defensively at all times. Leave plenty of stopping distance between your car and the vehicle up ahead. Use caution at intersections. Expect the unexpected. And make eye contact with other motorists before turning or changing lanes. 

3. Maintain Your Vehicle 

Never let the gas gauge get too far below a quarter of a tank, change your oil regularly, and rotate and replace your tires as needed. A poorly maintained vehicle may not necessarily cause a collision, but it could stop you from preventing one. For example, if your tires are bald, you may be unable to slow down fast enough should the vehicle ahead of you stop short. 


Unfortunately, even if you follow all of the above tips, you could still end up in a collision with a distracted, impaired, or reckless driver. If you were hurt by someone else's negligence, turn to Reed & Terry. This Texas firm is led by seasoned attorneys who have more than 40 years of combined experience practicing law. They have helped thousands of clients recover what is rightfully theirs, and they can help you pursue the compensation you deserve, too. To find the office nearest you, visit their website or call (281) 491-5000 to talk to one of their attorneys in Sugar Land today. 

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