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What Causes Steamy Windows? November 30, 2018

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What Causes Steamy Windows? , Greece, New York

Water and fog accumulation on your home’s windows can cause more problems than just a compromised view. Over time, fogged glass can lead to mold growth, which can erode your property’s structural integrity and impede interior air quality. Condensation on the glass may also indicate issues with the windows themselves that need repair. If your windows look a little steamy, the following guide will explain what to know. 


Condensation occurs when warm moisture in the air contacts a colder surface. This phenomenon is thus more likely to happen during wintertime when the cold outside air lowers the temperature of the window glass.

steamy windowsFactors such as excessive moisture levels in the air and a lack of ventilation in the room also contribute to fogged glass. Condensation is also more likely to occur on single-pane or outdated windows, as the thinner glass cannot create as strong of a thermal barrier against the cold outside air. If you notice condensation between the window panes, this typically happens due to a broken seal or because the window desiccant, a moisture-absorbing substance, has saturated.


To combat fogged glass, lower the moisture levels in the room with a dehumidifier, or turn down your humidifier. You may also switch on a fan, crack your windows for a period each day, or turn up the thermostat in your home a few notches.

If these solutions don’t work, you will need to take window-specific measures. For instance, you can add weather stripping or insulation to your windows, which will help seal out cold outside air. If your windows are old or outdated, you may want to upgrade to newer, more insulated models, which can also save you money on interior heating and cooling costs. Windows that have condensation between the panes will always require a repair or replacement from a professional.


Whether you have fogged glass at home or at the office, consult the experts who can help. The team from Genesee Glass & Mirror in Monroe County, NY, provides the in-depth glass and window repair services locals rely on. As a locally owned and operated business, the team constantly provides the friendly, personalized customer service you can expect from your neighbors. For more information about residential glass services, visit the business online. To request a quote, call (585) 621-3580.

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