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How to Process Negative Feelings & Panic Attacks November 7, 2018

Pelican Bay, Naples
How to Process Negative Feelings & Panic Attacks, Naples, Florida

Life is full of pivotal moments. Often you find yourself in sudden reactions. Sometimes these feelings seem to emerge from thin air.  One minute you’re enjoying dinner with friends and the next you’re triggered into high alert. Your heart races. Your body trembles and shakes. You feel nervous and frazzled. Negative feelings take hold of your mind and you feel anxious and stressed.

Peggy Sealfon – Stonewater Studio, Personal Development Coach has worked with numerous clients over the years who literally thought they were having a heart attack at moments like this. One CEO of a non-profit organization would rush off to Urgent Care every other week, convinced that death was imminent and that her heart would literally stop.

How can you cope with these experiences?  Practicing being aware and mindful can help, especially as the holiday season places you into old patterned situations with family or friends. You can learn to interrupt those moments.

In this month’s Talk About Healthy Living, a monthly podcast, Peggy Sealfon-Stonewater Studio offers several ways to quickly change those moments and shift from reaction to response.  Listen in. The recording is less than 8 minutes!

If you’d like to have a private session with Peggy Sealfon, contact her for a private session.

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