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FAQ: 4 Top Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Answered November 13, 2018

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FAQ: 4 Top Questions About Motorcycle Insurance Answered, Randleman, North Carolina

Many crave the feeling of the wind in their face while riding a motorcycle down the open road. But a wise motorcyclist also knows there’s an inherent risk of an accident that’s greater than what car drivers face. A motorcycle insurance policy will increase your peace of mind, but if it’s been a while since you updated your coverage or you’re new to the joy of motorcycles and looking to purchase your first policy, you’ll likely have a few questions. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions so you can be better prepared to find the coverage you need.

Motorcycle Insurance 101: Frequently Asked Questions

Is motorcycle insurance required by law?

Typically, motorcycles, scooters, and gas-powered bicycles with engines larger than 50cc are legally required to have insurance coverage. They must also be registered with the state as a motor vehicle. The minimum coverage requirements work similarly to auto insurance and stipulate that riders have a minimum amount of liability coverage before they can legally hit the road.

What will the policy cover?

Motorcycle InsuranceIt depends on the insurance policy. Standard insurance will typically cover at least a portion of the cost of repairs if the bike is damaged in a collision. However, you can purchase supplemental coverage to protect you from out-of-pocket repairs or replacement costs not resulting from an accident or collision, such as theft or vandalism. All coverage, regardless of type, will provide liability protection should you be at fault in an accident.

Can I customize my coverage?

Yes. Just like your car’s policy, motorcycle insurance coverage can be customized to suit your needs and riding habits. For example, if you’re using the bike to commute to work each day and are frequently in high-traffic areas, higher collision coverage may be better. Similarly, if the motorcycle is parked in a communal parking lot or on the street, a high-limit comprehensive policy may be a wise investment. Your insurance agent will help you determine what coverage is best and how high the limits should be.

Do I qualify for any discounts on coverage?

Possibly! Before agreeing to a particular policy, make sure to ask your insurance agent if there are any discounts you’re eligible for. New discounts are added frequently and can save you hundreds on coverage each year. If there are no discounts available, don’t hesitate to ask again in a few months.


The right motorcycle insurance policy is the best way to protect your ride both on and off the road. Contact MP Davis Insurance Agency in Randleman, NC. For more than 40 years, their dedicated team has helped residents of the Piedmont Triad area protect the things they love most with quality insurance policies tailored to address their unique needs. Their experienced insurance agents will help you find the right coverage for your riding style and budget. Like them on Facebook for the latest news and call (336) 498-7606 for a free quote.


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