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How to Prepare for Gifted & Talented Program Entrance Exams November 27, 2018

Forest Hills, Queens
How to Prepare for Gifted & Talented Program Entrance Exams, Queens, New York

If your child exhibits strengths in a particular subject, leadership abilities, or a strong creative spirit, they might be a good fit for a gifted and talented program at school. Testing for these programs often takes place in fall and spring. However, many kids get nervous under pressure, which could result in lower test scores. Following a few simple steps at home will help your youngster prepare for the exam and remain focused to achieve high marks. 

3 Ways to Get Kids Ready for Gifted & Talent Program Tests

1. Purchase Sample Tests

Being unfamiliar with the material causes many kids to experience mental blocks during gifted and talented program exams. Download a few sample tests to introduce your student to what they can expect on the official exam. This way, they will know how to approach different problems and whether they must write in responses or select from multiple choice answers. Ideally, the practice exams should be given in the same format as the real test, be it written or on the computer. 

2. Concentrate on Weak Areas

Although your child might flourish in their studies, there could also be a few areas where there’s room for improvement. To ensure they don’t struggle on those portions of the test, work on additional sample quizzes and worksheets in those subjects. Hiring a math tutor, for example, could improve your youngster’s critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. If they need help with reading comprehension, try to teach them how to dissect material into individual parts. For story problems, the child will know how to remove extraneous information to find the relevant details. 

3. Make the Learning Process Fun & Engaging

Gifted and Talented ProgramStudying for a big test can be an exhaustive process, so try to make the experience as intriguing for the youngster as possible. Instead of just focusing on sample tests, incorporate some of the concepts into real-world scenarios. Have the student help cook nightly dinner. Preparing ingredients from a recipe will help them learn how to measure and sort materials. When improving vocabulary skills, you could use flashcards and offer small rewards for getting a certain number of definitions correct in a row.


For professional instruction to ensure your child remains calm and focused during a gifted and talented program entrance exam, contact JEI Learning Center Forest Hills. The educators help kids in the New York City Metropolitan area learn effective study habits to ace their homework and standardized tests. To learn more about early childhood education programming at the Forest Hills, NY-based learning center, call (718) 268-2890. A representative is happy to share what your child can expect from a gifted and talented program. You can also visit them online to schedule an appointment. Keep in touch on Facebook for fun, educational activities to try at home. 

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