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When Should You See a Foot Specialist? November 13, 2018

Midtown East, Manhattan
When Should You See a Foot Specialist?, Manhattan, New York

Whether you’re an athlete, a busy individual who spends plenty of time walking at home or work, or just the average person, your feet are essential to your overall mobility. It’s important to pay attention to your feet and their overall condition. If walking, running, or wearing shoes becomes uncomfortable or painful, you may need to see a foot specialist for relief. To better understand whether your symptoms indicate a need to visit a specialist, here’s a guide on podiatry and warning signs to look out for. 

How a Podiatrist Can Give You Relief From Foot Pain

What Signs Indicate it’s Time to See a Foot Specialist?

As a rule of thumb, if you’re unable to walk or wear shoes without experiencing pain, odds are you need to see a foot specialist. In addition, if your feet are red and swollen, and you’re unable to put any weight on the foot, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. Pain is never normal and should not be ignored, as foot problems can often become chronic because of the excessive forces coming through the foot and ankle with every step you take. When scheduling your appointment, be sure to mention whether you have any open wounds or if there are signs of infection such as pus, heat, or redness coming from any area of the foot or your toenails. Foot trauma can also lead to a spike in your overall body temperature that should be monitored closely, particularly if you have diabetes or a wound on your foot that simply won’t heal. 

What are the Benefits of Foot Care?

Foot SpecialistBeyond emergencies, seeing a podiatrist when you have a foot or ankle problem is critical to diagnosing, treating, and managing chronic ailments and foot pain. If you have flat feet, arthritis pain, non-healing injuries, corns, bunions, calluses, cracked heels, or painful areas in your foot and ankles that do not go away with rest, a foot specialist can help. Using a combination of diagnostic imaging, a therapeutic approach, orthotic recommendations, and stretching techniques, a podiatrist can mediate unwanted symptoms and improve the appearance, strength, and flexibility of your feet and ankles so you can go about your daily routine with no pain. Freedom from foot pain dramatically improves the quality of your life.



Chronic Foot Pain Center, founded by board-certified integrative medicine expert, Dr. Robert A. Kornfeld, is known throughout Murray Hill and Port Washington, NY, for providing comprehensive foot care. For over 35 years, this foot specialist has managed a variety of issues, from chronic foot pain as a result of plantar fasciitis or other pain syndromes to pedal deformities such as bunions, using a holistic approach. Call today at (516) 369-3172 to schedule your first appointment or visit the website to read about Dr. Kornfeld’s holistic podiatry approach. 

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