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Differences Between the Social Security Disability & VA Systems November 13, 2018

Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Differences Between the Social Security Disability & VA Systems, Cincinnati, Ohio

For veterans seeking disability support, navigating the Social Security disability and Veterans Affairs (VA) systems can quickly become a complex and complicated undertaking. However, as you explore these two programs, it may be helpful to understand some of the key differences between them. Here are a few of the biggest distinctions that separate Social Security and the VA.


First and foremost, only veterans qualify for VA benefits. Veterans of any of the United States armed forces can apply, and their disability need not be related to their military service. Social Security, on the other hand, is open to all Americans. Veterans can qualify for both programs.

Percentages of Disability

In the VA system, a claimant's disability is viewed on a percentage basis. When determining how much in benefits a claimant should receive, the VA will review their condition and assign a percentage point, such as 10 percent disabled or 65 percent disabled. The amount they receive in benefits will be based on their assigned percentage.

social security disabilityWith Social Security disability, you are either considered disabled or not disabled. Social Security carefully reviews and screens all applicants before issuing a decision, which is either a yes or no. There are no short-term or temporary disability benefits at the federal level.

The Impact of Income

The VA is not an income-based program, so if a claimant receives Social Security disability and is now pursuing VA benefits, what they receive from the former will not have an impact on whether they're approved for the latter. Disability, however, will look at other sources of income when determining how much an approved applicant receives in benefits.


Pursuing both veteran and Social Security disability will ensure you get the resources you need to live your life. The attorneys at David W. Kapor & Associates are here to help. They represent clients throughout Hamilton County, OH, in all aspects of disability claims, from applications and appeals to hearings and lawsuits. Call (513) 721-2820 to schedule a free consultation, or visit them online to learn about the appeals process.