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Why is Outdoor Education in a Child Care Facility Important? November 12, 2018

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Why is Outdoor Education in a Child Care Facility Important?, Brookline, Massachusetts

Children are naturally curious beings and can readily absorb knowledge when allowed free exploration in a nurturing environment. However, finding the right child care program is essential to ensuring your child’s curiosity flourishes. When selecting a child care classroom for your little ones, look for a program that utilizes multiple learning styles, including outdoor education.

What is Outdoor Education?

Outdoor education is an approach that involves moving the typical classroom scenario to an outside setting. Outdoor curriculum programs utilize the environment and allow children more hands-on learning and free exploration. This type of learning enables students to discover answers through journeys at their own pace, using their skills. Without the confines of the normal classroom, outdoor education can increase a child’s emotional, academic, social, and physical development.

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Education?

Anchild care outdoor curriculum can positively impact the learning process at a child care facility. This style of learning encourages better physical health, and can even produce better academic results. In fact, studies show students involved in outdoor education programs score better on average than schools that stick to the traditional classroom setting.

Additionally, learning outside the four walls can better motivate students and get them excited about learning. Through free exploration and discovery, children develop self-confidence by solving problems with their own two hands. Many child care programs adopt a sense of community as well, allowing children to form relationships with peers while learning conventional skills outdoors.

Who Should Consider Outdoor Education?

Students of all ages can benefit from an outdoor education, whether it helps hone their academic abilities or simply builds personal responsibility. While free exploration is a vital part of this method, children will still learn the skills they need to build their educational foundation.



Finding the right child care providers for your children is crucial to their development and your comfort. That’s why Tiny World Child Care Inc. in Norfolk County, MA, offers two convenient locations and fosters a sense of family in their facility. With a focus on free exploration and multiple outdoor learning opportunities, this child care center wants to take care of your child’s education as well as their physical and emotional well-being. To learn more about their programs, visit their website or call (617) 232-0115.

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