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How High-Speed Internet Affects Your Browsing November 12, 2018

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How High-Speed Internet Affects Your Browsing, Dexter, Missouri

Depending on where you use your computer, you may have noticed how much of a different browsing experience there can be. The most pleasant, effortless sessions tend to happen when you’re in a place with high-speed internet. Here’s a guide to understanding more about the link between browsing and internet speed.

What Affects Internet Speed?

The biggest variable that determines your internet speed is what type of plan you have with your provider. Providers offer a range of speeds, generally measured in Mbps, or megabits per second, which allow you to send and receive data at a certain rate. Rates generally start at 10Mbps and can go as high as 1Gbps (gigabits per second), the top end being reserved for high-end gamers or households with many members streaming and using the internet.

Beyond the plan, other factors can allow you to experience faster internet speed. Your Wi-Fi router’s capacity is important. The fewer users you have connected to the Wi-Fi at any one time will result in a faster experience for who’s using it. Running too many programs, or having too many tabs open at once, can sap your speed, even if you’re the only person using the internet. 

How Does It Change the Browsing Experience?

high speed InternetWith high-speed internet, results will appear much faster, and you won’t have to put up with endlessly loading pages. Within reason, you’ll be able to manage different apps at once instead of having to choose whether to devote yourself to just Facebook or Google, for instance. 

The high speed also lets you do more than simply browse. You’ll have uninterrupted feeds if you choose to do a video session with a friend. Watching Netflix, or another streaming site, will no longer be a frustrating wait during frequent buffering sessions — you’ll be able to watch just like you would on a TV or at a theater.  


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