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3 Electrical Projects Best Left to Professional Electricians November 23, 2018

Hamden, New Haven County
3 Electrical Projects Best Left to Professional Electricians, Hamden, Connecticut

While there are plenty of home improvement projects that handy, resourceful homeowners are capable of handling on their own — including painting, plumbing work, and even certain house repairs — projects that involve a home's electrical wiring usually require very specific skill sets. In addition to the level of specialized expertise that electrical work demands, many electrical tasks pose serious risks that other DIY work does not. Here are three home electrical projects always best left to professional electricians.

Top Electrical Projects That Should Be Left to the Professionals

1. Replacing an Outlet

electricianWhile replacing a power outlet is actually one of the easier residential electrical jobs, it remains a potentially dangerous undertaking that can result in powerful electrical shocks and even start a fire if carried out in inexperienced hands. If you find one of your outlets no longer works right, it's better to reach out to a professional electrician to replace it.

2. Installing New Wiring

Installing new wiring in your home requires not only highly specific industry knowledge but also an in-depth understanding of local building codes. For even the most versatile and adept handymen, it's simply too complicated of a job, with the chances of local infractions too high.

3. Troubleshooting Circuits

If you start experiencing sudden power outages in certain areas of the house, it's usually stemming from issues with your circuit breaker and how it’s distributing power through the home. When it comes to investigating the problem and tinkering with the home's circuit breaker, the vast majority of homeowners should call a professional electrician. The stakes — including not just electrical shocks but also permanent damage to your home's electrical system — are simply too great to leave a job like this in the hands of a non-professional.


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