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3 Great Reasons to Install a Front Grille Guard November 13, 2018

Troy, Miami
3 Great Reasons to Install a Front Grille Guard, Troy, Ohio

From backup cameras to all-wheel drive, many truck and Jeep® models come equipped with standout features to make them easy to navigate on all types of terrain. There are also truck accessories available to further boost the safety and appeal of your ride. Below are a few reasons installing a front grille guard is an upgrade worth considering. 

3 Ways Trucks & Jeeps Benefit From Front Grille Guards

1. Keep Front-End Components Protected in Minor Collisions 

If you hit another car, or animals runs across your path, the front grille guard could prevent major vehicle damage. The truck accessory takes the impact during minor collisions, keeping crucial parts out of harm’s way. The two vertical components on both ends, known as the risers, often have side brush guards to protect the headlights. The center flange, or crossbar, can prevent damage to the grille detailing and front-end bumper during low-impact accidents. 

2. Boost Lighting Capabilities

truck accessoriesAdditional truck accessories can be attached to many front grille guards. If you often drive in wooded or dimly lit areas, off-road auxiliary and fog lights can be mounted on the guard. The added illumination on the truck or Jeep’s front end makes it easier to see what’s ahead, improving response time and preventing potential accidents.

3. Make the Vehicle More Eye-Catching

Whether you stick to city streets or haul cargo in rural areas, the addition of a front grille guard will make your truck or Jeep more visually appealing. The accessory gives any vehicle a rugged, tough look. You can match the grille with other add-ons or standard components. If you ever decide to sell, a sturdy grille could make your ride more appealing to potential buyers, boosting its value. 


If you’re in the market for a front grille guard or other high-quality truck accessories in Miami County, OH, contact Line-X Of Troy. From trailer hitch products to truck bed covers and protective coatings for wheels and rims, the Troy-based team has the gear to suit your driving needs. To inquire about specific truck accessories and services available, call (937) 335-0560. Representatives are always eager to answer product questions. Visit the company online to see what upgrades are best for your desired applications and Facebook to read customers’ opinions about the merchandise. 

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