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Why Your Air Compressor Needs a Dryer November 20, 2018

Maryland Heights, Maryland Heights
Why Your Air Compressor Needs a Dryer, Maryland Heights, Missouri

An air compressor plays a vital role in many commercial and industrial practices, but these systems require proper care to continue performing at a high level. To care for your air compressor, you should attach a dryer system. Here’s a closer look at why this additional component is an absolute must.

The Dangers of Condensation

Even in seemingly dry areas, there is water vapor in the air. When that air is forced inside a compressor, any moisture that is present will also be processed. This results in condensation that forms inside the unit, though the amount of water present will vary based on humidity, the size of the compressor, and even the ambient temperature. If this moisture isn’t treated, it can cause gradual, yet significant, damage throughout the air compressor system. Motors, valves, pipes, and other components may become damaged or corroded, resulting in additional maintenance needs and even the potential for a complete breakdown.

Benefits of a Dryer

air compressorThough there are several types of dryers available, they all serve the same basic purpose: minimizing condensation buildup within an air compressor to prevent internal damage. Refrigerant dryers are best for applications that don’t have a critical dew point. These systems are generally less expensive and easier to use, though they aren’t quite as efficient. However, if you require a critical dew point or need a higher quality of compressed air, use a desiccant dryer. These systems use special beads that absorb water vapor from the air.


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