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3 Most Common Home Security System Issues November 14, 2018

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3 Most Common Home Security System Issues, Sharonville, Ohio

Home security systems are an indispensable part of keeping any building safe and fortified from potential intruders. When an alarm system starts malfunctioning, it's not only frustrating for homeowners, but it can also compromise the safety of their property. Knowing how to address frequent issues can put you in a better position to get your system back to full functionality if something does go wrong. 

What Are the Most Common Issues With Home Security Systems?

1. Sensitivity Issues

Some alarm systems have been set up to go off at the slightest signs of movement near the home, including small animals, falling branches, or the activity of your own pet. To address this issue, homeowners will need to adjust the sensitivity settings or reach out to a professional to reinstall the system. Hypersensitive alarm systems should not be ignored; some municipalities levy fines on home and business owners who regularly experience false alarms. 

2. Lockout

home securityIf your home security system is regularly locking you out, something probably went wrong when you initially set the entry code. Consult the owner's manual and try to reset the system with a new entry code. If that doesn't work, reach out to professionals who can investigate the issue more thoroughly and inspect the system's wiring. 

3. Connection Issues

Alarm systems that abruptly turn on and off can be frustrating for homeowners. This usually points to an issue with the system's electrical wiring and should be inspected by an electrician or security system professional to ensure it’s repaired safely and properly. 


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