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Top 3 Reasons to Have an Electrician Who Does Emergency Repairs  November 13, 2018

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Top 3 Reasons to Have an Electrician Who Does Emergency Repairs , Ashland, Kentucky

There are a variety of home repairs that DIYers feel comfortable tackling: repainting interiors and exteriors, light plumbing work, and even more involved tasks like putting up drywall. But one project that amateurs should stay away from is electrical repair. Electrical work poses serious hazards that other DIY repair projects do not, including electrical shocks, arcing, and fires. When you have a home electricity emergency that requires immediate attention, you need a professional electrician. The following reasons illustrate how hiring an emergency electrician is vital to homeowners and businesses alike. 

3 Reasons Why Emergency Electricians Are So Important 

1. Sudden Power Outage

If you experience an abrupt power outage in part or all of your home or business, you can't quickly resolve the problem on your own. Your time and safety are both valuable. Reach out to a qualified electrician who will get to you right away and bring the power back on. 

2. Wet Circuit Breaker

electricianYour circuit breaker (sometimes called a circuit panel) controls the electricity in your home or business. If it gets wet, it could have catastrophic consequences, creating a fire hazard and electrocution risk. A wet circuit breaker requires the attention of a professional electrician who will pinpoint the source of moisture and replace the circuit breaker. 

3. Hot or Smoking Power Outlets

Your power outlets should conduct electricity and power your devices without issue. If they start to heat up, smoke, or emit a burning smell when electrical equipment is plugged into them, there's something wrong. They’re no longer conducting electricity properly and are a major safety risk. Immediately reach out to an electrician who can diagnose the issue and, if necessary, replace the outlet.


For close to 25 years, Mueller Electric, in Ashland, KY, has provided top-notch electrical services to residents and businesses in Boyd County. The team of experienced electricians at Mueller Electric specialize in a wide array of electric repair and installation work, including construction and renovation wiring, accent lighting, and home entertainment setups. They even install automated controls that allow clients to access their property’s lighting, heating, and other utilities from anywhere. Visit the electrical contractor's website to learn more about their services, or call directly at (606) 325-0275. 

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