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3 Stunning Flower Arrangements for Your Thanksgiving Centerpieces November 9, 2018

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3 Stunning Flower Arrangements for Your Thanksgiving Centerpieces, Port Jervis, New York

As Thanksgiving approaches, your home and your table will be packed with food, family, and friends. Make the day special and memorable by creating centerpieces of beautiful and delicate flower arrangements to add warmth, fun, and flair to your Thanksgiving table. Below are three great flower arrangements you can make this year.

Great Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements

1. Sophisticated Ranunculus & Crocosmia

This pair complements the fall weather, as the soft oranges in the ranunculus and crocosmia are reminiscent of pumpkins, leaves, and pies, making them perfect for this time of year. Your florist can help you choose the freshest flowers for an extra pop, as well as help you choose smaller accent flowers – such as mums, baby’s breath, and strands of ivy. Finish this flower arrangement with picture-perfect pine cones, acorn branches, and bright fall leaves for a colorful, elegant arrangement.

2. Whimsical Dahlia Collections

flower arrangementDahlia flowers offer an abundance of choice for an easily customizable arrangement. Semi-cactus dahlias are available in pastel oranges that are seasonally appropriate, and their large blooms draw attention to the arrangement to make it a show-stopper. Surround these dahlias with ball dahlias and one or two dinner-plate dahlias, using whites, oranges, and reds. You can finish the centerpiece with an assortment of filler flowers, such as spray roses, Queen Anne’s lace, marigolds, and sea holly, choosing colors that complement the dahlias and your taste.

3. Build Around a Peruvian Lily 

This is an invigorating centerpiece that even the kids will love. Begin with several large Peruvian lilies in shades of burnt red and orange for the main flowers, then add light orange mums and cream-colored cushion poms. Surround them with touches of yellow solid aster and a few light pink carnations for vibrant colors and traditional seasonal flowers. To finish the arrangement, you can have kids decorate a wooden turkey or cornucopia to slide into the front or middle of the piece, giving it a light and fun appearance.



If you’re interested in creating fantastic flower arrangements this Thanksgiving but you need top-choice flowers, contact Laurel Grove Florist & Greenhouses in Orange County, NY. Since 1912, they have created jaw-dropping flower bouquets, baskets, gifts, and more. As both a florist and a greenhouse operator, they have tropical and indoor house plants available year-round, and if there is something you need but they don’t have, they’ll source fresh flowers from a trusted supplier. View some of their fall arrangements online, then call (845) 856-2713 to speak with one of their experts to help arrange your centerpiece. 

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