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3 Sewing Machine Care Tips November 22, 2018

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3 Sewing Machine Care Tips, Dothan, Alabama

Owning a sewing machine is a great asset, enabling you to fix damaged garments as well as stitch new ones without needing to visit a tailor. However, as with any machine, they do require maintenance in order to perform optimally. To help you keep yours in good condition, follow these sewing machine care tips.

3 Tips to Help You Care for Your Sewing Machine

1. Avoid Adhesives When Possible

Embroidery machines require a great deal of precision, as they’re used for fine detail work. For this reason, it’s advisable to avoid using adhesives as much as possible. This sticky substance can build up in the machine under the needle placement, causing a concrete-type material to form. Over time, this will damage the machine.  

2. Cover Your Machine Before Storing It

In between uses, it’s important to neatly store your sewing machine away to protect it from dust. There are a number of cover types you can choose from, from plastic, to fabric, to hard covers. If you’re looking for a good initiation into sewing, creating your own sewing machine cover is a great place to start. Since you’ll spend the time and effort to make it yourself, you’ll likely take great care of it, and the machine as well. Always make sure to store your machine in a cool, dry place and be careful not to leave it in a hot car for too long, as it can become damaged from the heat.

3. Get Your Machine Serviced

sewing machineThe best way to ensure your machine stays in optimal shape is to have it professionally serviced on a yearly basis. A professional will clean the most delicate areas of the machine as well as adjust the timing and tension. This will help extend the life of your sewing machine so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come.


If your sewing machine is in need of maintenance, look no further than Dothan Sewing Center. The local sewing machine store has served Alabama’s Dale, Henry, and Houston counties for more than 49 years. From sewing materials and embroidery machines to instructional sewing classes, they’ll help you sharpen your skills and master your projects, all at an affordable price. For a product estimate or to inquire about their services, give them a call today at (334) 794-3177 or visit their website for more information.

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