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3 Waste Management Best Practices to Implement for Businesses November 27, 2018

Ozark, Dale
3 Waste Management Best Practices to Implement for Businesses, Ozark, Alabama

In North America, the amount of paper that gets used in offices each year results in the depletion of millions of trees that purify the atmosphere and provide a habitat for wildlife. When you factor in discarded furniture, building materials, and food waste produced by homes and businesses, proper waste management is a vital issue. As such, businesses are now taking extra steps toward handling their waste more responsibly. Here's a quick guide on how your company can do its part in protecting the environment.

How to Manage Your Waste More Responsibly

1. Identify Type & Amount of Waste Produced

You should know how much trash your company is producing and what kind. The information will determine what other steps can be taken to improve waste management. An audit of the collected waste should be conducted periodically. Your company should also consider putting together a team to check whether the trash bins are full before they’re collected. You're wasting money if the bins are picked up half-empty.

2. Set Objectives & Engage Employees

Set concrete objectives once you know the type of waste your business is producing. For instance, devise a plan that reduces the number of bins collected weekly with the goal of ensuring each bin is packed. However, objectives should be flexible since some strategies might not be appropriate for another branch or department.

waste managementManagement should also engage employees in the implementation of their waste management system. Provide training on best practices and collaborate with your waste disposal expert regarding educational materials.

3. Reduce Amount of Waste Sent to Landfills

Most trash ends up in landfills, and this waste has a detrimental effect on the economy and environment. Landfills pollute natural water sources and release toxins into the air and soil. Businesses can reduce how much waste they add to landfills in several ways:

  • Reuse: Check whether other businesses can use your company's waste.

  • Recycle: Identify everything that can be recycled and send it to the appropriate center.

  • Reduce: Make adjustments to your operation or how you obtain goods to cut down on trash.


To ensure the waste management for your business is in professional hands, contact Southeast Waste Disposal. Based in Ozark, AL, the company has been proudly servicing the counties of Dale, Coffee, Covington, Geneva, and Pike for more than 10 years. They offer trash removal and waste disposal services, as well as dumpster rentals. Check out their website or call them at (334) 774-4158 to learn more about their services.

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