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3 Strategies to Stay Warm While Scuba Diving December 4, 2018

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3 Strategies to Stay Warm While Scuba Diving, Kettering, Ohio

Scuba diving is an incredible adventure, but it can be tough to appreciate the experience when you’re freezing. Maintaining your body heat can be tough when you’re deep underwater in an ocean that is already cold at the surface. Your wetsuit is designed to lock in your body heat, but sometimes more is needed. Use these strategies to stay warm.

How to Lock in Body Heat While Scuba Diving

1. Wear a Hood

divingDivers lose a disproportionate amount of heat through their heads when they leave it uncovered. Though your head doesn’t make up much of your overall body surface area, there is a lot of blood flow through the brain. Your blood is what carries heat, so all that blood will turn colder when cold water is directly touching the skin. Always wear a hood while diving.

2. Repair Leaks

Your wetsuit relies on the fact that it is waterproof to keep you warm. Split seams, broken zippers, or any tears in the suit will let in the cold water, locking it in right against your skin and cooling you down. Take your suit in for repair if you notice that water is getting into it when you dive. One common spot for water access is at the collar, so invest in a good neck seal.

3. Bundle Up

Your wetsuit no longer keeps you warm when you get out of the water. Take off the suit and bundle up if you’re sitting in a boat between dives or resting above water. If your rests are more short-term and you don’t want to completely remove the suit, then put a warm parka on over the suit to keep the wind chill at bay.


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