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What Are Aftercoolers & Why Do Air Compressors Need Them? November 12, 2018

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What Are Aftercoolers & Why Do Air Compressors Need Them?, Maryland Heights, Missouri

If your manufacturing operations rely on an air compressor, the aftercooler is an essential component that allows this equipment to work properly. In simple terms, aftercoolers are heat exchanger devices that remove moisture from the outgoing air by cooling the discharge. To help you maintain your facility’s air compressors, here are a few important details to know about aftercoolers and how they work.

Why Are Aftercoolers Important?

Air compressors produce a lot of moisture during operation. If this moisture is allowed to discharge into the air, it can lead to a lot of negative consequences for your manufacturing equipment. For example, the moisture may cause metals to rust, resulting in corrosive damage. If an aftercooler does not work properly, the discharge also produces high heat that can increase the risk of fire. Reduction of heat can also help the air compressor maintain effective output without a drop in performance.  

What Are the Different Types of Aftercoolers?

air compressorAftercoolers either rely on air or water to remove moisture from compressed air. Air-cooled systems pull ambient air in the surrounding environment to cool the compressed air. Water-cooled systems, on the other hand, force water through a tube as compressed air moves through another tube in the opposite direction. The water then absorbs the heat, allowing the air to cool. A separator device attached to the aftercooler will remove this excess moisture, usually into a drainage pan.

What Are the Signs of a Faulty Aftercooler?

You can usually tell if an aftercooler is bad if the compressed air you’re producing is noticeably hot or feels moist. This heat may damage components used in your manufacturing operations or cause noticeable rusting over time. In some cases, a dysfunctional aftercooler only needs cleaning and routine maintenance to work properly again. However, if cleaning doesn’t work, the part may need to be replaced.


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