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What Happens at a Wage Garnishment Hearing? November 13, 2018

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What Happens at a Wage Garnishment Hearing?, Hamilton, Ohio

One way creditors collect on debts after obtaining judgments is through wage garnishment. Understanding the process, as well as how an attorney can protect a client’s rights in a hearing, helps reduce debtor frustration and uncertainty. Here are a few points you should know about the hearing stage of this legal collection action.  

Events of an Ohio Wage Garnishment Hearing

Creditors Must Give Garnishment Notices

Under Ohio law, creditors seeking to garnish a debtor’s wages based on judgments must give written notice at least 15 days before beginning proceedings. Debtors or their attorneys can try to make agreements with creditors during that time. If unsuccessful, the creditor notifies the employer of the garnishment, and the employer notifies their employee debtor.  

Garnished Debtors Have a Right to a Hearing

garnishmentDebtors who want to dispute wage garnishments must file written hearing requests with the court by the fifth business day after receiving a notice from their employers. The court must conduct a hearing within 12 days after it receives the debtor’s request. Debtors should hire or contact their attorneys immediately to give them sufficient time to assess the case and prepare for the hearing.

Debtors Are Given a Minimum Amount of Pay

Ohio law protects a minimum amount of pay, so a creditor can’t take a debtor’s whole paycheck. Generally, an amount for garnishment is subtracted from each paycheck until the full debt is paid, but deductions might not be continuous if the employer receives another order with higher priority, such as child support or a tax levy. 


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