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What’s the Difference Between Screen Printing & Embroidery? November 26, 2018

Madison, Lake
What’s the Difference Between Screen Printing & Embroidery?, Madison, Ohio

If you’re considering having gear customized for your business or sports team, you’re probably deciding between screen printing and embroidery. While both processes have their merits, one might be more favorable over the other depending on your needs. The following information can help you make the right decision.

Screen Printing

Screen printing uses ink to produce a logo or picture on an item of clothing. This is accomplished by squeezing different colors of ink through a screen of your design, which is then transferred onto apparel or other items. Depending on the process, screen printing can be used on materials like plastic and glass, which makes it a good option for companies looking to customize multiple products. Screen printing is usually automated, which makes it a fast and efficient process.


Screen PrintingEmbroidery uses a machine that stitches thread into fabric to create an intricate design. The process starts by digitizing your logo or picture, which is then inputted into the machine. Many different types of apparel can be embroidered, such as hats, t-shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, and any other fabric item. Embroidery tends to hold up well to frequent wear and repeated washings.

How to Choose

Regarding cost, screen printing is usually less expensive than embroidery. This is especially true when you’re only using one color of ink, which cuts costs considerably. Embroidery often lasts longer, and it provides a clean, professional look, which may be better suited to corporate applications. If you have larger orders, screen printing might be the way to go. However, with smaller orders, many people enjoy the crisp look of embroidery on polo shirts and other clothing.


In Ashtabula, OH, Sports & Sports offers a wide range of sports gear and equipment. They also customize your gear using screen printing or embroidery. Their graphic design prowess will get your team noticed, and you can also rest assured that their Nike® and Under Armour® apparel will stand the test of time. If you have customization questions, call (440) 998-4664. You can also visit the website to see some past projects they’ve completed.

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